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Lexi Brown

Founder of Ophelia. Videographer.

       It's that feeling of the first sip of water when in need of some, or the feeling of finally laying in your own bed after a weeklong vacation, or the feeling of that first hug after a deep feeling of loneliness. It’s the feeling of something being missing within your life and there being a certain something that will fill that void. This is what my videography conveys. I take the most expressive elements out of other artistic mediums, such as photography, music and performance art and combine them to create a beautiful mixture of sight and sound.

       The way a simple hug can turn someone’s day around is the same way I want my work to turn someone’s outlook about life itself around. I want them to watch my short films and realize that there is good in the world. It focuses on the feeling of love, hope and happiness, using experiences and moments from people’s lives within my cinematography to influence and encourage the audience to continue living their best lives. I strive for the audience to reach for their dreams that they before saw as unachievable. I want the audience to be enraptured by the sentimental music and the emotional scene. I want them to get excited and crave more of the story. My use of angle, lighting, and camera movement helps capture that important moment, and my unique editing techniques bring it all to life.

       Most of our lives aren’t captured on camera, but I want to deliver a visual of experiences that too many overlook. I want them to see a side of a story that they couldn’t see before and show them the hidden beauty of the world within a beautifully captured moment.

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